Monica Salamanca – Conditioning Coach

Hello! I’m Monica and I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) and Precision Nutritionist (PNL1) who specializes in fat loss, muscle growth, and strength and conditioning. For the past six years, I have been helping women improve their relationship with food and exercise. All too often, I see women set unrealistic expectations of what they should look like based on societal body ideals, causing them to engage in unhealthy behaviors they can’t stick to which often leads to guilt and anxiety around food and exercise and worse, giving up on their health goals all together.

I’m here to help you break free from the crash diets and hours of cardio and learn how to approach nutrition and exercise in a way that is flexible and fits into your unique lifestyle. Together, we’ll develop practices that will help you embrace a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

I won’t give you a cookie cutter plan or a meal plan, as I believe that everyone’s dietary needs are different. Instead, I’ll provide you with the knowledge, resources, and ongoing support needed to create sustainable practices that you can confidently build on over time (and stick to). From developing mindful eating patterns to creating an effective strength training program, I’ll help guide and empower you to reach your fitness goals.

By building consistency with nutrition and exercise practices and cultivating a positive body image, you can make lasting changes and improve your well-being. If you’re ready to commit to your health journey, I’m here to offer my expertise and help celebrate your successes (no matter how small) every step of the way.

Thanks for reading! If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you create a healthier relationship with food and exercise via my online coaching services or in person training services, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

My name is Ron Machingo. I’m 62 years old. I have been a Sports Therapist for 12 years and a fitness coach for 6 years. I established my businesses located in the San Marcos Facility nearly 5 years ago, shortly after its opening. My greatest desire in the Fitness world is to be known as an educator, motivator and successful as a Therapist and fitness entrepreneur.

Many years ago as I worked with a great pastor growing a small church, I remember a visiting missionary pulled me to the side and told me God gave me hands that will heal people and don’t waste that gift. I can tell you at the time I thought “oh yea, right, I’ll be a doctor “ lol.. Life went on from then till now.

Today I feel that prophetic word is coming to pass. As a Sports Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Health and Fitness Coach I have seen my hands at work and I’m loving every minute I can help and I’m watching people move better and regain a pain free life again. It fills my heart with so much happiness and satisfaction. No one can tell me I’m in the wrong place.

I can only say to you, as it took many years to see this pass for me, reach into your heart deeply and find what hints god is sending you to help provide your direction. We are all seeking that happiness and enthusiasm in our life. Don’t let worldly things like Money, Instagram and Facebook direct or create your success. It’s all only temporary, like many things in this world. There is a more powerful way, a more meaningful and long lasting way. Through God’s Blessings. May God Bless You Today!

Please work to be happy and healthy in your mind, body and most importantly, your soul.

Hey everyone ! My name is Tanya. I’ve been a trainer at self made San Marcos since 2019. I decided to become a personal trainer shortly after changing my lifestyle and seeing what fitness did for me. After having my daughter , i focused on mainly training women.
As women, we go through different phases in life that lead us to give up on our physical and mental health. I’m here to help you bring that confidence back . My goal as a trainer is not only to help you transform your body but guide you to live a healthier more active lifestyle . My programs focus on making lifestyle changes, creating better eating habits and training hard to achieve those gains.

John Wilson – Certified Personal Trainer in San Marcos

Since I could remember I have always been struggling with my weight. Always playing sports, I could never get my weight down. Failing over, and over again throughout the 90’s and 00’s. 10 years ago I decided to change, and not allow myself to quit. My lifestyle went from one of sedentary, and poor nutrition. To one of activity, and nutritiously fulfilling. In the span of 14 weeks, I was able to drop 100lbs, going from well over 300lbs to nearly 200lbs. It was then that I decided helping others achieve their weight loss goals, as well as promoting a balanced healthy lifestyle was my passion.

Often, I’ll get asked what you can expect when training with me. It’s simple, training with me is like gaining a partner and a teacher on your fitness journey. I am not a drill sergeant. Questions, concerns, and understanding of why we do everything is paramount for your growth. I am someone that deeply cares about his clients, this means you always have someone who is passionate, educational, and supportive in your corner. Integrity is the foundation for accountability. In order to reach your goals, I need to always be open and honest with you. The training doesn’t stop when you exit the facility.

“This is the Best Investment and gift I have ever given myself.” -John Harper, DC and over 100lbs weight loss

“I cannot speak highly enough of John as my fitness coach! He has been an invaluable partner in helping me heal from a shoulder injury while also building muscle, despite already being a seasoned lifter. With his help, I’ve been able to gain an impressive 6 pounds of lean muscle mass in less than 6 months, which is no small feat considering my lifting experience and the fact that I’m nearing 40 years old with a decade long shoulder issue.” – Ken M.

25 years old and passionate about all things health and fitness related. Being the youngest of six guys taught me to be strong and dedicated to my craft. Love the outdoors and anything involving food. Have been Personal Training for over 2 years and involved in exercise science for over 10 years. Played sports like Basketball, Track, and Tennis all my life learning from some of the best coaches. Focused now on helping others achieve their goals so that you can feel strong and confident in your training.

Lawrence Taylor – Trainer & Body Expert

LT’s Style Fit


LT is a personal trainer and fashion consultant and style and body expert based out of San Diego County. He is passionate about helping others look & feel their best. His mission is to help you find your true-to-you self and style while developing confidence for your dating life. Whether you are looking to sculpt your body, sport your own fashion style or both, LT is equipped with the tools to help you succeed.

Cristina Gutierrez – NASM Certified Trainer

I am a NASM CPT, fitness coach, mother, entrepreneur and former bikini competitor. I inspire women to live healthy, balanced lives through fitness. My training programs focus on developing strength & confidence while getting fit & learning simple, healthy habits.⁣⁣ Exercise is so much more than just exercise alone. That’s what sets my business apart, I take into account what it means to be healthy and address the entire picture with each of my clients.
I offer small group training, 1:1 training and online programs designed specifically to fit your goals. You don’t even need a gym, just a goal and the drive to work hard.

Personalized training programs through my exclusive training app, basic nutrition coaching with weekly check ins to hold you accountable. I offer a free first time call to get an idea of your history, goals, and if we are a good fit!


I train my clients out of a training facility where I pay rent for the benefit of privacy and space. I provide you with the best 60-minute workout specific for your goals that will leave you sweaty, euphoric, and excited for the next session!

I offer a complimentary consultation where we will communicate to gain a solid idea of what you’re looking for so I can create a specific program custom for YOU.

With my education background, experience, and unique approach, I will hold you accountable and motivate you to reach your health goals!

I would love to connect with you! Email me at or click one of the links below to schedule a free consultation call.

You can follow me on Instagram at

Hi there darlin! My name is Erika! I am a personal trainer; geared mostly towards strength training/bodybuilding, weight loss, and lifestyle change!

I draw a lot of my strengths from my military background; I was in the Marine Corps in my younger days. I enjoy pushing you to your limit, but I promise I won’t break you! 🙂

Building a healthy and transparent rapport is a strong foundation for my training style. We create a well-rounded relationship that gives us the opportunity to be vulnerable and train HARD!!

It would be my pleasure to be a part of your journey to health, fitness, and a loving relationship with your own body!

Bryce Ward – Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Bryce Ward,
A little about me !!

I was born and raised in Northern Kentucky moving to San Marcos with my family. In 2017 I decided to attend Cal State San Marcos, to receive my bachelor of science in Kinesiology, which I recently obtained in 2021. After the first year into the program, I immediately knew personal training was my passion. I am fully dedicated to helping individuals with rehabilitation, wellness, and fitness goals.

My journey in fitness began when I was very young, I have been active my whole life with weight lifting and sports. I started my career very young playing in highly competitive sports such as football and baseball. I played baseball for 10 years in both high school and state select teams. My competitive drive, teamwork, and determination led to my interest in weight lifting and training because it was constantly a part of my lifestyle being coached by some of the top trainers in their field.

Since graduating with my B.S. in Kinesiology from California State San Marcos and NASM certification, I have been training individuals for over 4 years now and have been training myself for 8 years and I have absolutely fell in love with movement and fitness, thus I wanted to share and experience how I can help you with your own goals and aspirations.

My goal as a personal trainer is to provide my clients the knowledge, skills and ability necessary to establish safe and effective fitness schedules that can be used for a lifetime.
I provide structure & consistency through personalized programs that focus on developing good habits and maintaining them throughout your fitness journey, nutritional blueprint and additional fitness tools to ensure progression so that your goals are met in a timeframe that is healthy and sustainable. I also have specialized programs for athletes that focus on resistance/hypertrophy training, corrective exercises and nutritional/supplementation guidance.

Isn’t it time to place your health and well-being first? To learn more about how I can help you with that contact……

What’s up guys? I’m Toby, a personal trainer here at Self Made San Marcos. I started my fitness journey 3 years ago when I realized I needed to make a change for the better.  Diving in head first I hit my share of speed bumps, however nothing stopped me in my pursuit to a healthier, better life. Through my journey I have lost over 100 pounds of fat, cultivated strength I never thought I could obtain, and built habits that enable me to live a productive happy life. My goal is to give back and help people on their journey.


I believe everyone has their own avenue they can travel through fitness. I am here to help guide you in that right direction. One of the most crucial aspects is building consistency which will start to be cemented in you once we start working together towards your goals. Whether you are just starting out your fitness journey